100 Days of Duolingo

After a hundred days in a row of Duolingo, I'm wondering whether I established a good habit — studying a foreign language every day — or a bad one — wasting time acquiring meaningless points every day.

The Duolingo levels max out at 25, but I'm not sure how long it'd take me to get four more levels in German. Some days I log in and my whole skill tree is at gold. If the Duolingo algorithms don't think I need to review any lessons yet, maybe that's not a good use of my German study time. As I've mentioned before, as you level up, you have fewer opportunities to score points.

So perhaps my doubts about whether Duolingo is worth it are actually built into the system. Perhaps when the site stops rewarding you, it's time to move on.

"No normal adults have these dreams"? Duo is one judgmental little owl

(Or, I suppose, perhaps I'm being incentivized to try Dutch.)

Written on April 19, 2016