The algebra of cat toys

Tags: nekojii

"$4.50 PKG (2)", said the American Science and Surplus listing. $2.25 apiece seemed a little steep for some feathers glued to a weight, but our cat loves them. He chirps when they come down from the top of the fridge. He sings them a little song. He chases them with so much gusto he spins out on the kitchen floor. And, bit by bit, they get deplumed.

Compared with the occasional vet bill, what's $2.25? Might as well get two sets and have four little flingers - or, why not, four sets and have eight. American Science & Surplus's shipping is reasonable, but it's not free, so you're better off consolidating orders anyway.

Today the package arrived and I found this.

PKG (2) does not mean two flingers per package. It means you get two packages. With four flingers apiece.

So now I have thirty-two (32) feathered flingers. I assume Nekojii will have nibbled them all to pieces by this time tomorrow.

Written on February 4, 2016